DVD/CD-ROM drives

The drive can be used by a single blade or by all blades simultaneously to perform software installations and updates in the same manner a standard DVD drive is used in a computer system locally or remotely. If you use the KVM feature on a c3000 Enclosure, do not perform simultaneous DVD-based Linux installations on more than four blades.

The c3000 DVD drive is not connected to any blades in the enclosure after initial installation. To use the DVD drive, an administrator must first connect the DVD drive to any or all blades through the Onboard Administrator or by using the built-in Insight Display. Connecting the DVD drive is similar to connecting a USB DVD drive to the blade. A subsequent detach disconnects the DVD drive from the USB bus.

This screen enables you to connect multiple server blades in the enclosure to the shared DVD resource, launch the iLO Remote Console, and use virtual power commands on the selected server blades. Information on this page is current as of the last download. To view updated information, click Refresh.


Description or action


To apply the Virtual Power, One Time Boot, or DVD features, select the bays.


This field displays the device bay number of the blade within the enclosure.

Power State

The power state of the server blade. Possible values are On or Off.

Remote Console

To launch the iLO Remote Console, select Integrated Remote Console (IE) or Remote Console Applet (Java), and then click Launch.

iLO DVD Status

This field indicates whether the server blade has a Virtual Media connection. Possible values are Connected, Disconnected, or Unknown. A status of Incompatible Firmware indicates that the DVD feature is not supported with the iLO firmware installed on the device. A status of Unknown indicates there is an iLO connectivity issue.

Device or Image URL

This field displays the current Virtual Media connection of the blade. Possible values are Virtual Media Applet is connected, Feature not supported on Integrity iLO version x.xx, SSH is disabled on this blade’s iLO processor, Upgrade ProLiant iLO version x.xx to 1.30 or higher, Enclosure DVD, or Tray Open or No Media.1

1NOTE: The actual iLO firmware version is shown in the format x.xx.

Virtual Power

The Virtual Power menu enables a Momentary Press or a Press and Hold of the power button, or a Cold Boot of the selected server blades.



Momentary Press

This button mimics a physical momentary press of the power button on the server blade. Clicking this button powers the server blade on or off gracefully.

Press and Hold

This button mimics a physical press and hold of the power button on the server blade. Clicking this button forces the server blade to shut power off without first shutting down the OS. This option is not available when the server blade is off.

Cold Boot

Clicking this button immediately removes power from the system. This command applies only to server blades that are powered on. Issuing a Cold Boot command to a powered off server blade acts to power on the server blade.

One Time Boot



Diskette Drive (A:)

Forces the server blade to reboot to the diskette drive. Be sure the diskette drive is attached to the server blade before selecting this option.


Forces the server blade to reboot to the CD-ROM drive. Be sure the CD-ROM drive is attached to the server blade before selecting this option.

Hard Drive C:

Forces the server blade to reboot to the hard disk.


Forces the server blade to boot to the ROM-Based Setup Utility.


Forces the server blade to boot to PXE NIC.


The DVD menu enables you to connect or disconnect the shared DVD drive by selecting Connect to Enclosure DVD or Disconnect DVD Hardware. You can connect the shared DVD drive to multiple server blades. After the shared DVD drive is connected, the Virtual Power menu can be used to reboot the selected server blades in the list. If multiple media disks are required for an installation, then you might have to disconnect and reconnect for every server when the new media disk is inserted in the DVD.

When a USB key is detected in the Active Onboard Administrator USB port and ISO images are present, they appear on the DVD menu. Select the server blades you want to deploy an ISO image to, and then select the ISO image from the menu. The ISO image deploys.

DVD/CD-ROM drives