Power management planning

The power enclosures each contain six power supplies, which are monitored directly by Onboard Administrator. Up to two power supply enclosures can be connected to a single enclosure.

Onboard Administrator is responsible for calculating the redundancy status, total available power, and total power consumed. This information is displayed to the user and is used to manage power resources. The Onboard Administrator power subsystem displays include status and information for each power supply, as well as the power enclosure itself.

Also included in the power fault realm is control of the electronic fuses between the power backplane and the server or switch bays. The Onboard Administrator will alert on fuse trips to enable you to reset fuses manually.

When installing additional power supplies into the enclosure, different power supply part numbers are not supported in the same enclosure. Onboard Administrator warns which power supplies must be replaced with a caution icon.

For proper installation of the power supplies into the enclosure, see the HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure Setup and Installation Guide.

Power management planning