Active to Standby

HP BladeSystem 153840 Active to Standby

When a second HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator is installed, the menu item Active to Standby appears under the Enclosure Settings tree menu item, and both Onboard Administrators are visible in the tree menu and in the enclosure view under the Status tab.

If more than one Onboard Administrator is installed in the enclosure, you can manually change which Onboard Administrator is active. This feature can be useful when troubleshooting the Onboard Administrator or if a second Onboard Administrator is installed with an older firmware version (and automatic transition is disabled).

To perform a transition, click Transition Active to Standby to force the change. A confirmation screen appears, confirming the transition and advising you to close your browser if you are signed into the Active Onboard Administrator. Click OK to proceed, or click Cancel to exit without a change.

HP BladeSystem 107627 Active to Standby

If only one Onboard Administrator is installed in the enclosure, the Active to Standby menu item does not appear.

Active to Standby