VLAN settings

The general VLAN settings and the VLAN settings for the Onboard Administrator are configured from the VLAN Settings tab. Settings for the Device and Interconnect bays are configured from the Device Bays and Interconnect Bays tabs. After changes are made on any of these three tabs, the VLAN Control tab displays. After the VLAN Control tab displays, you can save the settings or revert to the previous settings.

The revert delay on the VLAN Settings tab is used to schedule a reversion of the settings to what has currently been saved on the Onboard Administrator. This can be used if you are administering the settings remotely and become disconnected. If you incorrectly configure the VLAN settings and become disconnected, the Onboard Administrator VLAN settings revert back to the previous state before you connected.

HP BladeSystem 110856 VLAN settings

VLAN Mode—The default setting for VLAN is disabled. To enable VLAN settings, select this checkbox.



Default VLAN ID

The current Default VLAN ID number. The possible values for the VLAN ID are 1 to 4094.

Default VLAN Name

The current Default VLAN ID name. This field is optional and limited to a maximum of 31 characters, including alphanumeric characters, dashes (-), underscores (_), and spaces.


The current OA VLAN ID. To change the membership of the Onboard Administrator, select a defined VLAN from the menu. The membership change will apply to the Active and the Standby Onboard Administrator.

Revert Delay

This setting enables you to automatically revert back to the currently saved VLAN configuration if you become disconnected after making the VLAN configuration changes.

To save changes to the VLAN configuration temporarily, click Apply.

The VLAN Control tab displays so you can choose to permanently save the configuration changes or revert back to the previously saved configuration.

HP BladeSystem 110855 VLAN settings

NOTE: If the enclosure VLAN feature is enabled, be sure that all HP Virtual Connect Ethernet and Virtual Connect FC interconnect modules are configured with the same management VLAN as the OA modules. For Virtual Connect multi-enclosure domains, be sure that all enclosures have the same management VLAN configuration for all VC interconnects and all OA modules.

NOTE: If the enclosure VLAN feature is enabled, be sure that all HP 3G SAS switches are configured with the same management VLAN ID as the OA modules in that enclosure.

VLAN settings