Fan zones

Fan zones monitor the bay cooling efficiency and the status of the bays the fans are configured to cool. Zone speeds reported are targeted speeds. These values change with time as the fans speed and slow in response to cooling needs of the zone. The Fan Zones screen does not dynamically update. To update information on this screen, click Refresh.

Fan speeds appear in percentage of total capacity, and fans operating in a zone without any blades run at a minimum RPM of 30% to maintain proper cooling for the entire enclosure.

HP BladeSystem 146964 Fan zones



Thermal Zone

The four cooling zones in the enclosure: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right

Zone Speed

The computed fan speed required based on the highest device need in the zone.

Device Bays

The number of the device bays in a particular thermal zone.

Fan Bay

The fan bay number. Fans in bays 3 and 8 are shared between thermal zones.

Fan Status

The overall status of each fan. Possible values are Unknown, OK, Degraded, Failed, and Absent.

Fan Speed

The fan speed is displayed as a percentage of maximum RPM.

Fan zones