Thermal subsystem

Onboard Administrator monitors up to 10 fans in the enclosure and adjusts fan speeds as necessary, based on thermal and power measurements. The speed of individual fans can be adjusted to reduce noise and power consumption, and to compensate for airflow differences within the enclosure. The performance of each fan is monitored, and Onboard Administrator reports any failures or warnings to the system log and HP SIM (when SNMP is enabled).

Monitoring fan zones is only available on the c7000 Enclosure. All other thermal subsystem features and functions are the same for c3000 and c7000 Enclosures, except where noted.

The following screen shows the Fan Summary page for a c7000 Enclosure.

HP BladeSystem 107933 Thermal subsystem

Fan Summary

This screen provides status on the thermal subsystem and each individual fan.

Fan subsystem status



Thermal Subsystem Status

Indicates the overall status of the fan subsystem. Possible values are Unknown, OK, Degraded, or Critical Error.


Indicates the redundancy status of the fans. Possible values are Redundant or Not Redundant

Fan Location Rule

The fan location rule indicates the proper location of the fans and the device bays that are supported.

Fan status




The bay in the enclosure of the corresponding fan.


The fan model name.


Indicates the overall status of the fan. Possible values are Unknown, OK, Degraded, Failed, and Absent.

Fan Speed

Indicates fan speed as a percentage of maximum RPM.

The following screen shows the Fan Summary page for the c3000 Enclosure.

HP BladeSystem 107740 Thermal subsystem

When a fan module fails, the remaining fans automatically compensate by adjusting fan speeds.

You can view the status of each fan by selecting from either tree navigation or graphical navigation. The Fan Information screen provides information about the overall status, the name, the amount of power consumed in watts, the part number, the spare part number, and the serial number. The Fan Information screen also includes diagnostic information such as internal data errors, location errors, device failures, device degradation, and device mismatch. Fan speeds appear in RPMs. To update information on this page, click the Refresh button.

HP BladeSystem 66918 Thermal subsystem

This screen shows a fan mismatch error.

HP BladeSystem 107946 Thermal subsystem

Selecting a specific fan opens the Fan Information, Bay x page, where x is the bay of the selected fan. This screen provides status information on the selected fan.

Status information




The overall status of the fan. Possible values are Unknown, OK, Degraded, Failed, and Other.


The common descriptive name of the fan.

Present Power

The amount of power consumed by the fan.

Part Number

The part number to be used when ordering an additional or replacement fan of this type.

Spare Part Number

The spare part number to be used when ordering an additional or replacement fan.

Serial Number

The unique serial number of the fan.

Diagnostic Information

Diagnostic information is gathered by polling a device microcontroller (resulting in a degraded status if a failure has occurred) or is sent by the device microcontroller, without being polled to report a failure.



Device Identification Data

Information such as model name, part number, serial number, and other information used to identify the device is checked. This data is also referred to as FRU data. If the data is not present or not readable by the Onboard Administrator, a device identification data error displays. Possible values are OK or Error.

Device Location

Incorrect fan location. Possible values are OK or Incorrect location for proper device cooling.

Device Operational

Device has failed; status was not requested by the Onboard Administrator.

Device Degraded

Device has failed; status was requested by the Onboard Administrator.

Fan Presence

This field indicates whether a fan is required to support the current fan rule.

Device Mismatch

This field indicates different fan models are installed in the same enclosure and you need to install the same fan models in each bay.

Fan models

The c3000 enclosure supports Active Cool 100 Fan and Active Cool 200 Fan models. The c7000 enclosure only supports the Active Cool 200 Fan model. You cannot mix fan models in the c3000 enclosure. If you mix fan models or you put the wrong fan model in the enclosure you see a Device Mismatch error in the Diagnostic Information table.

To update the fan information, click Refresh.

For proper installation of the fans into the enclosure, see the HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure Setup and Installation Guide.

Thermal subsystem