HP SIM integration

HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator supports SSO with trusted applications, such as HP SIM. This feature enables you to be logged in to an HP SIM station that is managing and is trusted by Onboard Administrator without supplying credentials to Onboard Administrator. To configure SSO to work through HP SIM:

  1. Set the SSO trust mode to ON. On the HP SIM Integration screen, select Trust by Certificate from the Trust mode dropdown menu.

    NOTE: When trust mode is disabled, the HP SIM single sign-on attempt fails and you must enter Onboard Administrator credentials to log on.

    HP BladeSystem 75497 HP SIM integration

  2. On the HP SIM Integration screen, select the Certificate Upload tab.
  3. Upload a certificate, using one of the following methods:
    • Paste the contents of the certificate into the textbox, and then click Upload.
    • Enter the IP address of the HP SIM system that will be managing the enclosure, and then click Apply.

      HP BladeSystem 146804 HP SIM integration

HP SIM integration