Firmware update

HP BladeSystem 153183 Firmware update

The current firmware version installed on the Onboard Administrator, both Active and Standby, appears on this screen. The current Onboard Administrator hardware version also appears on this screen.

Synchronize firmware

To synchronize the firmware on the active and standby Onboard Administrator to the same version of firmware, click Synchronize Firmware. A firmware image is created from the flash contents of the Onboard Administrator with the latest firmware version and is flashed to the Onboard Administrator with the oldest firmware version. The Onboard Administrator being upgraded reboots after the firmware is flashed.

To use the Synchronize Firmware feature:

  • Both Onboard Administrators must be running firmware version 2.10 or later.
  • Both Onboard Administrators must have the same hardware version.
  • If VLAN is enabled on the active Onboard Administrator, the standby Onboard Administrator must have firmware compatible with the VLAN feature. If the standby Onboard Administrator has an older firmware version that does not support VLAN, you must remove the standby Onboard Administrator and update the firmware to a compatible version from a different enclosure.

Downgrade firmware

Force Downgrade—You must use this option if the flash process cannot preserve the settings during the downgrade. Selecting this option forces a downgrade of the firmware and settings are lost.

Update firmware

Local File—To update firmware on the active Onboard Administrator from a local file, browse for the firmware image file or enter the path of the firmware image file in the textbox. The maximum number of characters in the file path is 256. Click Upload.

Image URL—To update firmware on the active Onboard Administrator from a file located on a web server, enter an http:// path to the firmware image file. Supported protocols are HTTP, FTP, and TFTP. The URL is formatted as: protocol://host/path/filename. The URL syntax for IPv6 addresses is protocol://[<ipv6 address>]/path/file. If your FTP server does not support anonymous logins, then you can specify a username and password within the URL formatted as: ftp://username:password@host/path/filename. Enter the URL, and then click Apply.

After clicking Upload or Apply, a window displays the progress of the firmware download. When the download completes, you are signed off the Onboard Administrator and you must sign in again.

USB File—To update firmware on the active Onboard Administrator from an image located on a USB key, select a file from the menu, and then click Apply. This field appears only when a USB key is detected in the Active Onboard Administrator USB port and firmware images are present on the USB key.

Enclosure Firmware Management—The Enclosure Firmware Management menu enables you to start a Manual Discovery or Manual Update. For more information, see Enclosure Firmware Management.

If you initiated the firmware update, a timer appears and other users receive a dialog box informing them that the enclosure is powering down and rebooting. After the enclosure reboots, you must sign in again.

If two enclosures are attached, the firmware update process flashes the standby Onboard Administrator first and then flashes the primary Onboard Administrator. If you are unable to connect immediately following a firmware update, wait 30 seconds for the enclosure to become available on the network.

Installing a previous version

To install a previous version of the firmware, select the Force downgrade box from the Firmware Information section of the screen. Select the firmware file by browsing locally or by locating a URL using the input boxes. If you downgrade Onboard Administrator firmware to 2.31 or lower, you will lose any Directory groups beyond the first 5. Onboard Administrator versions higher than 2.31 support 30 groups while earlier versions only support 5 groups. You will lock out directory users in groups after the first five groups.

To obtain the latest firmware for your Onboard Administrator see the HP BladeSystem Updates website.

Firmware update