Standby Onboard Administrator module

When a second Onboard Administrator is placed in the enclosure, it becomes the Standby Onboard Administrator. The Standby Onboard Administrator is normally placed in the available Onboard Administrator tray in the rear of the enclosure. By selecting the Active to Standby screen, you can force a transition within the Onboard Administrator user interface to make the active Onboard Administrator become the Standby Onboard Administrator.

For an Active/Standby relationship, the two Onboard Administrator modules must have the same firmware version installed. If the firmware versions are not identical, the Insight Display and the main status screen of the Onboard Administrator identifies this error and alerts the user through SNMP if enabled.

HP BladeSystem 154305 Standby Onboard Administrator module

If using two Onboard Administrators, each Onboard Administrator has a unique IP address. See the Insight Display to obtain the IP addresses for the Active and Standby Onboard Administrators and write them down. When looking at the enclosure from the rear, the bay on the left is bay 1, while the bay on the right is bay 2. When the Active Onboard Administrator transitions to the Standby Onboard Administrator, the DNS host name and IP addresses remains the same. To connect to the new Active Onboard Administrator, you must completely close your browser and connect to the host name or IP address of the former Standby Onboard Administrator.

Status, Information, and Virtual Buttons tabs

The information contained under the Status, Information, and Virtual Buttons tabs is the same as it is for an Active Onboard Administrator. For information on these tabs, see the “Active Onboard Administrator screen.”

Standby Onboard Administrator module