Viewing firmware versions

After an Enclosure Firmware Management task has successfully completed, review the firmware versions for all devices that were selected for updated. Successful completion of an Enclosure Firmware Management task might not indicate that firmware was updated to the versions on the ISO image. For more information, see the known issues section.

Server firmware

Select Device Bays in the left tree view. Select the appropriate bay to view, and then select Firmware.

The extended server firmware information appears on the Onboard Administrator GUI and CLI for each server. A firmware management log for each server blade displays the log of steps during the last firmware update or discovery event, and the firmware summary shows the date and time that the last discover or update occurred. If the server blade is removed from the enclosure, then this log is cleared. These logs are synchronized to the standby Onboard Administrator, if present, and the logs are stored in flash so the information is available after an Onboard Administrator reboot.

HP BladeSystem 141380 Viewing firmware versions

Rack firmware

Select Rack Firmware at the top of the left tree view pane.

The Onboard Administrator GUI or CLI provides a report of the current firmware inventory in each enclosure. For linked enclosures, the GUI provides the firmware across all linked enclosures. The report includes the current firmware version of the server BIOS, iLO, PMC, NIC, FC HBA, Smart Array, and each installed hard drive connected to the Smart Array. This information assists in the diagnosis of complex network or FC SAN issues caused by incorrect NIC or FC HBA firmware versions.

HP BladeSystem 141381 Viewing firmware versions

Firmware version variations

The following scenarios might cause irregular firmware version or status information to appear:

  • If a letter is included after the firmware version, this indicates a smart component release note revision. This is not a functional firmware update.
  • If No Component appears as the Firmware ISO Version, this indicates that the SPP image does not contain firmware for that component. This scenario usually occurs with the Power Management Controller in ProLiant G7 servers.
  • If the informational icon appears, the server blade firmware does not match the DVD ISO firmware after a server is discovered or updated.
  • If the NIC, FC HBA, Smart Array, or installed hard drive connected to the Smart Array are flashed without using the Enclosure Firmware Management utility, then the Onboard Administrator cannot interpret this information and continues to report firmware information based on the most recent Enclosure Firmware Management operation.

Viewing firmware versions