The Enclosure KVM feature enables the Onboard Administrator to switch between server video consoles, using only an attached VGA monitor, USB keyboard, and USB mouse without requiring a PC. In addition to launching and running server video consoles, the Enclosure KVM Menu provides health status of each server and enables you to power servers on and off and attach an enclosure DVD to those servers.

The Insight Display is blanked out while Enclosure KVM is active. The Enclosure KVM Menu includes a button to access the Insight Display screens on the VGA monitor using the keyboard cursor keys.

The Enclosure KVM Menu also includes a button to select the Onboard Administrator CLI console. After logging in to the Onboard Administrator CLI console using Enclosure KVM, you can access all the CLI functions.

The Enclosure KVM feature requires that optional KVM hardware be detected by the active Onboard Administrator. For the c3000 Rack or Tower Enclosures, this feature requires that the optional KVM Module be installed in the rear of the enclosure. This KVM Module provides a VGA connector and two additional USB 2.0 connectors. For the c7000 Enclosure, this feature requires the optional Onboard Administrator module with VGA connector.

  • Use the Enclosure KVM by choosing one of the following methods:
    • Connect the VGA connector directly to a VGA monitor, and then connect a keyboard and a mouse to the USB connectors.
    • Connect the VGA connector to an HP KVM Switch using a CAT5 KVM USB adapter, and then connect the USB cable from the adapter to the Onboard Administrator USB connector.

      NOTE: If character repeat problems occur when typing in a GUI text console on a Linux system, the following configuration settings might required modification:

      • Set the keyboard repeat/delay setting to 1000 msec (kbdrate –d 1000 in the server init script).
      • Configure the GUI autorepeat rate to 1 second.
  • Access the KVM Menu by choosing one of the following options:
    • From a USB keyboard connected to the KVM module, press PrtSc or SysReq.
    • From a VGA monitor with a keyboard and mouse, press PrtScrn.
    • If the KVM module is connected to an HP rack KVM switch using a VGA or USB adapter, press PrtSc to activate the HP rack KVM selection menu, and press PrtScrn again to display the Enclosure KVM Menu.

    The Insight Display goes blank when the Enclosure KVM Menu is active.

  • Select the HP rack KVM port connected to the enclosure, and then press Enter to select the Enclosure KVM Menu. If the screen is blank, touch any key on the keyboard to activate the KVM Menu and deactivate the enclosure Insight Display.
  • To return to the KVM menu from a server console, Insight Display, or the OA CLI display, press the PrtSc key on the USB keyboard.
  • To restore the Insight Display and blank the KVM Menu (a slight delay is normal), press any Insight Display button or select Exit KVM on the KVM Menu.

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To navigate the HP KVM menu, use the keyboard arrow keys. To select a menu action, press the keyboard Enter key.

The available actions include:

  • Power icon—Change the power state for the server.
  • DVD icon—Change the Enclosure DVD state for the server.
  • Server Name—Connect to the server full-screen KVM console, including keyboard and mouse support. Press the PrtScrn or SysRq key to return to the KVM menu.
  • Insight Display—Use the KVM monitor and the keyboard arrow and Enter keys to operate the Insight Display.
  • OA CLI Console—Use the KVM monitor and keyboard to access the OA CLI commands.
  • Exit KVM—Disable the KVM monitor, and enable the enclosure Insight Display.
  • Help—Displays an HP KVM Help screen with information about the status icons and KVM operation.

If the LCD PIN is set, all the server power and server DVD controls are LCD PIN-protected. Server Console and Onboard Administrator CLI are protected by user logins.

The KVM Menu contains the following options:

  • Server Console—Select a server console by selecting the server name. The selected server console is full screen graphics or text based on the current environment on that server. All KVM keyboard keystrokes except PrtSc are sent to the server, along with the KVM mouse. To exit the server console and return to the KVM Menu, press PrtSc.

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  • Server Power—Select this power icon for a server to change the server power state.
  • Server DVD—Select this DVD icon for a server to change the enclosure DVD connection for this server.
  • Server Health—Select this health icon to display the current health state for that server.
  • Insight Display—Select the Insight Display button to access Insight Display screens from the KVM Menu.
  • OA CLI—Select OA CLI to launch the Onboard Administrator CLI. Log in to the Onboard Administrator using the KVM keyboard. This launches a full screen text console to the active Onboard Administrator CLI. To exit the Onboard Administrator CLI console and return to the KVM Menu, press PrtSc.

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  • Help—Select Help to view the KVM help information.

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