Configuration Management screen

The Configuration Management screen enables you to set up the selected enclosures using a configuration file saved from a previous setup. You can run scripts for multiple Onboard Administrators before leaving the current screen.

HP BladeSystem 107649 Configuration Management screen

To set up selected enclosures using a configuration file:

Select the enclosure to which you want to upload the configuration file. You can only upload the configuration file to one enclosure, even if you selected All Enclosures on the Enclosure Selection screen. You can select a local file, URL, or USB file:

  • Local file—You can browse for the configuration file or you can enter the path of the configuration file into the textbox. The maximum number of characters in the file path is 256. Enter the configuration file path, click Upload.
  • URL—If the configuration file is located on a web server, enter an HTTP path to the file. The maximum number of characters in the file path is 256. After entering the URL, click Apply.
  • USB file—You can select a configuration file on a USB key plugged into the enclosure. Select the appropriate configuration file from the dropdown list. After selecting the configuration file, click Apply. This option only appears if a USB key is plugged into the enclosure.

After selecting the file location, a dialog box displays the results.

Configuration Management screen