Enclosure Selection screen

The Enclosure Selection screen displays all discovered enclosures and selects the active enclosure (the enclosure you are signed in to) by default. The checkbox next to each enclosure enables you to select or clear that enclosure. Selecting the All Enclosures checkbox beside toggles the checkbox for all enclosures.

To update the rack topology information, click Refresh Topology. When you select Refresh Topology, the Enclosure Selection screen switches to the Linked Mode and all linked enclosures appear.

HP BladeSystem 153804 Enclosure Selection screen

Linked enclosures have one of the following states:

  • Linked—Not Signed In. Select the enclosure and enter the Administrator password in the password text box. To authenticate the enclosure, click Next.
  • Linked—Not Signed In with a card reader icon. This state indicates the linked enclosure is Two-Factor Authentication enabled but is not authenticated. This state occurs under two conditions:
    • If the configuration is not supported. The primary enclosure must be enabled for Two-Factor Authentication and both the primary and linked enclosures must have the same credentials for the linked enclosure to authenticate using Two-Factor Authentication. If the primary enclosure does not have Two-Factor Authentication enabled, then you cannot select the linked enclosure with Two-Factor Authentication enabled.
    • If you click the Sign Out link on a Two-Factor Authenticated enabled enclosure that is already authenticated, this state appears. If you select this enclosure, then authentication is attempted when you click Next.
  • Linked—Signed In with or without a card reader icon. This state indicates the linked enclosure is authenticated. If the enclosure information has not been loaded already, then it is loaded when you click Next.

If more than one enclosure is listed on the Enclosure Selection screen, select the enclosure you want to set up and then click Next.

For possible values and descriptions of each field, see “Enclosure Settings screen.”

Enclosure Selection screen