User Preferences

To change the display language, select a display language from the list, and then click Apply. If you set a language preference in the Onboard Administrator GUI, the browser language setting will be overridden.

The only languages supported by the Onboard Administrator are the ones in the dropdown list on the User Preferences page. Setting the browser language preference to a language other than those listed in the Onboard Administrator GUI has no affect on the Onboard Administrator GUI, and the default language, English, is used.

After changing the setting the browser cache must be cleared and the application must be refreshed using the browser refresh button.

If you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer as your browser and choose Japanese as the display language, all characters might not display properly. To fix this issue:

  1. Go to the Regional and Language Options screen in your OS.
  2. Select the Language tab.
  3. Select Install files for East Asian Languages, and then click Apply.

User Preferences