Insight Display errors

The enclosure installation is successful when all errors are corrected. The errors in the following sections are specific to installation and initial configuration of the enclosure. To clear errors that occur after initial powerup and configuration, see the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator User Guide for information.

The following types of errors can occur when installing and configuring the enclosure:

  • Power errors
  • Cooling errors
  • Location errors
  • Configuration errors
  • Device failure errors

When the enclosure UID LED is off, the Insight Display is illuminated amber when any error condition exists. The navigation bar displays the following selections when an error condition exists:

  • Health summary icon—Displays the Health Summary screen.
  • Fix THIS—Suggests corrective action to clear the current error.
  • Next Alert—Displays the next alert, or if none exist, displays the Health Summary screen.
  • Previous Alert—Displays the previous alert.

Insight Display errors