Navigating the Insight Display

Navigate through the menus and selections by using the arrow buttons on the Insight Display panel.

The first menu seen is the Main Menu:

HP BladeSystem 112298 Navigating the Insight Display

The Main Menu of the Insight Display has the following menu options:

  • Health Summary
  • Enclosure Settings
  • Enclosure Info
  • Blade or Port Info
  • Turn Enclosure UID on/off
  • View User Note
  • Chat Mode
  • USB Key Menu

If the active Onboard Administrator detects KVM capability, a KVM menu button appears on the navigation bar on the Main Menu. Selecting KVM Menu causes the Insight Display to go blank and activate the VGA connection of Onboard Administrator.

KVM capability is present in the following Main Menu image.

HP BladeSystem 112299 Navigating the Insight Display

For detailed information regarding the Main Menu of the Insight Display, see the HP BladeSystem Insight Display User Guide.

HP BladeSystem 35893 Navigating the Insight Display

TIP: Within any menu option, navigate the cursor to What is This, and press the OK button to view additional information about each setting, option, or alert.

The navigation bar contains options to:

  • Navigate forward and backward through alert screens
  • Return to the main menu
  • Accept changes to current settings
  • Cancel changes to current settings
  • Access the Health Summary screen from any screen by selecting the Health Summary icon on the navigation bar

Navigating the Insight Display