Enclosure Settings screen

The Enclosure Settings screen displays the following setting information about the enclosure:

  • Power Mode setting
  • Power Limit setting
  • Dynamic Power setting
  • Active and Standby OA IP addresses
  • Enclosure Name
  • Rack Name
  • DVD Drive
  • Insight Display PIN

    NOTE: The DVD Drive setting can attach or detach a CD or DVD loaded in the optional c3000 enclosure DVD drive to any or all server blades in the enclosure. This feature can be used to install an operating system or software on the server blade(s). If the optional DVD drive is not present, an external HP USB DVD drive can be used with this feature instead.

    HP BladeSystem 35893 Enclosure Settings screen

    TIP: Set a PIN to protect the enclosure settings from changes.

Navigate the cursor to a setting or to the ?, and press OK to change the setting or get help on that setting.

HP BladeSystem 153705 Enclosure Settings screen

Enclosure Settings screen