Health Summary screen

The Health Summary screen displays the current condition of the enclosure. The Health Summary screen can be accessed by:

  • Selecting Health Summary from the main menu
  • Selecting the Health Summary icon from any Insight Display screen

When an error or alert condition is detected, the Health Summary screen displays the total number of error conditions and the error locations.

Select Next Alert from the navigation bar, and press the OK button to view each individual error condition. The Insight Display displays each error condition in the order of severity. Critical alerts display first (if one exists), followed by caution alerts.

When the enclosure is operating normally, the Health Summary screen displays green. The bright green rectangles are components that are installed and on. A dark green rectangle represents a component that is installed but powered off with no errors. A black rectangle represents an empty bay.

Note: For the c-Class Enclosure DVD feature, a black DVD rectangle indicates no DVD drive is connected to the Onboard Administrator while a dark gray rectangle indicates the DVD drive is present but that no media is present. A dark green rectangle indicates media is present but not actively connected to any server or all connected servers have issued a disk eject command, so the disk can be removed from the drive. A bright green rectangle indicates the media is present in the drive and actively connected to at least one server in the enclosure, and the drive tray is locked.

If there is an error, the Health Summary screen background color changes from green to amber and the error is highlighted with yellow rectangles for caution and red rectangles for failures. Overall enclosure health icons in the bottom left corner of all Insight Display screens indicate the overall enclosure health.

HP BladeSystem 98262 Health Summary screen

Select View Alert and press the OK button to display the errors.

Select Details to view the details of the error.

Health Summary screen