USB Menu screen

Onboard Administrator firmware version 2.30 and later offers added support for the following USB key options:

  • Updating OA firmware
  • Restoring OA configuration
  • Saving OA Configuration

Onboard Administrator supports USB keys formatted for FAT32 or EXT2 file systems. You can use either the port located on the active Onboard Administrator module on the front of the enclosure or a USB port on the optional KVM module.

To access the USB Key Menu:

  1. Insert a USB key into Onboard Administrator.
  2. From the Main Menu, select USB Key Menu.

    HP BladeSystem 112297 USB Menu screen

The following selections are available on the USB Key Menu:

  • Update OA Firmware—Select this option to upgrade the firmware. The USB key must contain an Onboard Administrator firmware image with a BIN file extension.

    HP BladeSystem 103820 USB Menu screen

  • Restore Configuration—Select this option to upload an enclosure configuration file with .CFG extension.

    The Restore OA Configuration menu lists all the files on the attached USB key with .CFG file extensions. Select the desired configuration file and press OK to apply that configuration to the enclosure.

    Because the configuration file can modify settings like the Onboard Administrator IP address, be sure to only apply the same file to multiple enclosures if the settings are generic, such as SNMP or LDAP server addresses. Do not apply the same file to multiple enclosures if it contains Onboard Administrator IP address configuration commands or EBIPA IP address commands.

    HP BladeSystem 103821 USB Menu screen

  • Save Configuration—Select this option to save the enclosure configuration to a file on the USB key.

USB Menu screen