Each c-Class enclosure has several external management interfaces that connect the user to Onboard Administrator. The primary external management interface is the management port for Onboard Administrator, which is an RJ-45 jack providing Ethernet communications not only to Onboard Administrator, but also to every device or interconnect bay with a management processor. This includes iLO communication for the server blades and any interconnect module using the c-Class embedded Ethernet management network, such as Virtual Connect Manager.

A serial port on the Onboard Administrator module provides full out-of-band CLI access to the Onboard Administrator and is used for Onboard Administrator firmware flash recovery.

USB ports on Onboard Administrator are used to connect external DVD drives to support the enclosure DVD feature. In addition, you can order an optional internal DVD drive for the c3000 Enclosure. The USB port on the Onboard Administrator may have a sticker on the port that says reserved for future use. Remove the sticker to use the USB port with Onboard Administrator firmware version 2.00 or later.

All c-Class enclosures support two enclosure link connectors that provide private communications among enclosures linked with CAT5 cable. In addition, the enclosure link-up connector provides an enclosure service port that allows you to temporarily connect a laptop personal computer to any linked enclosure Onboard Administrator for local diagnostics and debugging.

The KVM Module option for the c3000 Enclosure plugs into the rear bay adjacent to interconnect module 1 and provides a VGA connector and two more USB connectors for the c3000 enclosure. This KVM module enables the enclosure KVM feature for the c3000 enclosure. The VGA connector attaches to an external VGA monitor and external USB keyboard and mouse to provide access to all the server video consoles or the Onboard Administrator CLI or Insight Display.

The new c7000 Onboard Administrator Module with KVM adds a VGA connector to the c7000 Onboard Administrator, enabling the Enclosure KVM feature for the c7000 Enclosure. The Active c7000 Onboard Administrator Module with KVM provides the same Enclosure KVM capabilities as the optional c3000 KVM Module. An external USB hub (not included) must be used to connect a USB DVD drive at the same time as the KVM USB for keyboard and mouse for simultaneous Enclosure KVM and Enclosure DVD functionality. The Standby Onboard Administrator Module with KVM will only provide access to the Onboard Administrator CLI login which enables the logged in user to force a takeover.

Each c-Class enclosure includes an embedded Insight Display on the front of the enclosure which provides status and information on all the bays in a c-Class enclosure and diagnostic information if the Onboard Administrator detects a problem in the enclosure. The Insight Display configures key settings in the Onboard Administrator including the IP address of the Onboard Administrator.