Onboard Administrator user interfaces

Four user interfaces to the Onboard Administrator allow control and provide information about the enclosure and installed components:

  • Web interface GUI
  • Scriptable CLI
  • Insight Display
  • Optional KVM Module

Remote network access to the Onboard Administrator GUI and CLI is available through the management Ethernet port. The Serial Port of the Onboard Administrator is available for local CLI access and Onboard Administrator flash recovery. The c-Class enclosure link-up port is also available as the service port for temporary local Ethernet access to the Onboard Administrators and devices in linked enclosures using either the GUI or CLI.

Access the Insight Display directly through the buttons on the display – or remotely through the Onboard Administrator GUI.

The Optional KVM Module provides access to the Onboard Administrator CLI through the external VGA monitor and USB keyboard, and provides server video console access.

Onboard Administrator user interfaces