Signing in to the Onboard Administrator GUI

HP BladeSystem 153125 Signing in to the Onboard Administrator GUI

Enter the user name and initial administration password for your Onboard Administrator account found on the tag attached to the Onboard Administrator.

Issues that might occur when signing in include:

  • You are not entering the information correctly. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • The account information you are entering has not been set up for HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator.
  • The user name you are entering has been deleted, disabled, or locked out.
  • The password for the account must be changed.
  • You are attempting to sign in from an IP address that is not valid for the specified account.
  • The password for the Administrator account has been forgotten or lost.

    To reset the Administrator password, see Recovering the administrator password.

If you continue to have issues signing in, contact your administrator.

If you have the same credentials on multiple enclosures, before signing in, select the box next to each additional linked enclosure or the box above that column to verify the linked enclosures. The client attempts to log in to each of the selected enclosure active Onboard Administrators with the supplied user name and password. If the login succeeds, then each of those enclosures is viewed in the same GUI window. The order of placement of each enclosure is based on the placement of the enclosure link cables. Connecting a link down connector of an enclosure to the link up connector of the next enclosure results in the GUI depicting the first enclosure above the second enclosure. This GUI order is the same order that appears when you execute the Onboard Administrator CLI show topology command.

The Sign-in page also provides information on the enclosure status, connection, firmware version, and OA name. If Extended Data has been enabled on the Network Access Anonymous Data tab, then you can view more detailed enclosure and Onboard Administrator information by selecting the + symbol to the left of the enclosure icon on the login screen. This extended data is enabled by default, and the + symbol appears only if extended data is enabled on that enclosure.

If extended data is disabled on an enclosure, the enclosure status appears as N/A.

HP BladeSystem 153126 Signing in to the Onboard Administrator GUI

Signing in to the Onboard Administrator GUI