Tree view

The tree view aids in navigating through enclosure devices and functions for multiple enclosures in a hierarchal manner. The way in which the tree view is rendered depends on several factors including user permissions, device availability, and device status. If a user is configured to be an operator or user, some options might not be visible in the tree view.

The physical appearance of the tree view for the c3000 and c7000 enclosures are analogous.

HP BladeSystem 154276 Tree view

The tree view enables navigation, using categories based on the major systems within the enclosure. When a category is expanded (by clicking the HP BladeSystem 155279 Tree view sign to the left of the category), an icon next to the category name can indicate a degraded status of the affected system. In the case of multiple components reporting status, the status icon indicates a cumulative worst-case status of all the devices in the same category.

Individual device pages

Clicking the link for an individual device selects the device, opens the device detail page, and selects the device in the graphical view in the right frame of the GUI. Individual device pages contain detailed information about the selected device and any other functions related to that device.

HP BladeSystem 119791 Tree view

Category summary pages

Category summary pages contain information for each of the devices in that category. For example, clicking the Device Bays link opens a bay summary page. Each parent element in the tree works in this manner. When you click a category summary link, no devices are selected in the graphical view navigation.

HP BladeSystem 152960 Tree view

System forms pages

Some devices, particularly HP Onboard Administrator, can have links to various system forms pages listed beneath their main links in the left tree navigation view. Form pages contain input text boxes, radio buttons, and other HTML input element and are used to administer settings related to the device to which they belong. For example, you can use the HP Onboard Administrator system forms page to change IP address settings or update firmware. These forms are all linked under the HP Onboard Administrator parent element. When you click a system forms link, the device to which the form page belongs is selected in the graphical view. For example, clicking the Firmware Update link for the Active HP Onboard Administrator selects the Active HP Onboard Administrator device in the graphical view. Links to system forms do not display status icons.

Tree view