Reset factory defaults

HP BladeSystem 35894 Reset factory defaults

IMPORTANT: If the enclosure is in VC mode, you must clear the mode before resetting factory defaults.

When you reset the enclosure to the factory defaults all enclosure settings are reset except the built-in Administrator password. All Alert Mail, Network and Network Protocol, SNMP, and Power Management settings are reset.

To reset the enclosure, click Reset Factory Defaults. A confirmation screen appears. To confirm resetting the enclosure, click OK, or to exit without resetting the enclosure to factory defaults, click Cancel.

To view a current configuration for the enclosure:

  1. Click the Click here link. The configuration opens in a new browser window.
  2. To save the configuration as a text file, choose either of the following options:
    • If you use Microsoft® Internet Explorer, select Save As.
    • If you use Mozilla Firefox, select Save Page As.

For security, the retrieved current configuration does not contain any user passwords. You can manually edit the script to add the user passwords after the user name on the ADD USER lines. Also, the retrieved current configuration does not contain any of the LCD settings (Lock Buttons, Enable PIN Protection, and PIN Code). These settings cannot be added from the configuration script.

Clearing VC mode removes all VC settings from the enclosure. Power off all VC configured servers before clearing VC mode. If servers are not powered down, they might maintain the VC settings until they are rebooted.

To clear Virtual Connect Mode, click Clear VC Mode. A confirmation screen appears, stating All servers should be powered off and not configured by Virtual Connect prior to clearing VC mode. Are you sure that you wish to clear VC mode? To clear VC mode, click OK.

Reset factory defaults